About The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


The most attractive book I have read is absolutely Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I was attracted by the boy's individuality and the society he lived in.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is considered to be one of the greatest works of American literature partly because it reflects so perfectly the culture of mid-1800s America . In a period where thoughts of gold and silver drove men west and industrialization had not yet begun, Twain was able to describe small-town life in detail. St. Petersburg is portrayed as a small, tight-knit community on the riverfront where the frontier culture and the classic Southern tradition meet.


The book is about Tom Sawyer and his fellow members' childhood's interesting life and their innocent. In order to escape the boring school works, get rid of fictitious doxy and dull life, they took many an adventures.


The first time knew Tom Sawyer is when I was about eight years old. In those years, I was very interested in cartoons as a boy, especially in the cartoons like Transformer which include many fights. But one day there came a cartoon named The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. When I finished the first act, I was much disappointed by it: just a little boy play with others, not so much fights happens. But there are no choice at that time, the only cartoon on TV is it. So I was bored to watch it.

But as the stories went on, I became interested in it. Tom's life is really an interesting one! He is so bright that he can fool his fellow boys into doing things he wanted. All he played is what I actually wanted but dear not. When I saw he play tricks to get what he want, I felt very delight as if I had got mine. When I saw he escaped school to play, I felt gayety as if I could play as much as I can. In fact, I became to imagine that I was Tom himself. I used to spend my free time to think about the stories in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. To imagine that I was living in a society like that and all the surroundings.

What a peaceful life it would be? I do not want to get out of my mind and to do my boring homework!


"The book is suitable to people of all ages", someone said. It is true! Now when I read it again (, if the first time I saw The Adventures of Tom Sawyer could be called reading), I digested it and enjoyed it! It is really amazing to me. Many anamneses when I was a child seemed childish, but this became much more attractive!


Perhaps to many people Tom Sawyer is not a good child. He likes playing tricks on others, telling a lies, escaping classes, and fight with others. But this is just the outer side of him. In fact, Tom Sawyer is a complicated character, he is very righthearted too! This can be seen when the story goes to the screen when Potter' lawyer was unable to prove Potter to be innocent. At the very moment Tom stand up and point out the real criminal. This helped Potter to get rid of the fake guilty. But Tom himself knew too, the criminal may get revenge on him for this. They may kill him for this, but Tom didn't fear! His just heart made him to save his friend from the scaffold. This is an attractive part of the book. In my opinion, most people would like Tom Sawyer for this! And contrast this to ourselves, we will find many thing we should do to improve our society! Next time when we see a thief doing his/her duty on a bus, what should we do? Still keep quiet? When we see someone is destroying public facilities, should we pass by and pretend not see it?


Tom Sawyer is very brave and fortitudinous. In front of difficulties and dangers, he never fears. He is always fearless and fortitudinous. As Aesop said," If you keep your head you will be all right!"  Tom Sawyer had always kept his head. So in the time when he faced dangers or difficulties, he could use his wisdom to think out good ideas to solve the problems. For example When Tom Sawyer and Becky were lost in the cave, when tried many times to get out and failed, Becky became very fluster, and burst in tears. But Tom is very cool-headed. He lighted the candle and became to talk with Becky about their friends to lighten her fear. He is so intelligent that he saved a small peace of cake to eat later. Finally, they were saved. Not for tom's braveness, they would become history and never come out of the cave.


What Tom Sawyer has done is much more than a child can. From Tom Sawyer we could see the dream everyone dreamed in childhood. Mark Twain made this become truth in the work The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


Tom Sawyer is a character with both excellences and shortcomings. Perhaps this is why that made me to think that Tom Sawyer really lived once in those years. From Tom I collected my anamneses of my childhood. And dreamed myself was like Tom Sawyer when I was a child, with intelligent, braveness, righteousness, and optimism. The sunny world Tom lived is like fairy tale.

It told us cheerfulness, dream are the most important thing in our life. And if we stick to what we want, the beautiful dream will become truth. We could build a life more interesting and peaceful even than Tom sawyer.


In the concluding chapter of the novel, we see that even if Tom is not emotionally ready to enter the adult order, he is being forced to. Judge Thatcher hopes to see Tom become a lawyer or soldier, saying he will see that Tom is admitted to the " National Military Academy ." Already, the expectations of others are being imposed upon him. When he runs across Huckleberry Finn, we see that Tom's willingness to conform is not because he has a newfound sense of responsibility; rather, Tom is still interested in appearing noble, not wanting to be a "low character."


Now I became adult too, but still hide in school. I do not know weather I could enter the adult order smoothly. But I will try. I also want to be noble, but I will not change the way I communicate with my best friends. In China we have a saying that," the friends we made when we are poor will always be our friends in our life! "

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